TouchCORE 7 released

We were hard at work during this spring and summer and are proud to bring you the newest release of TouchCORE version 7 (codename “Late Summer”).

Besides fixing many bugs in the message views, we have some great new features. There is now a new navigation bar allowing to navigate in a streamlined way within a concern and all its models and their views.  Furthermore, message calls can now be expanded within a message view, making the called behaviour visible in the calling context. Yes, this means that the expanded behaviour shows the actual parameters that are passed in instead of the formal parameters. To download it, go to the downloads page. For details on all changes, see the release notes.

The TouchCORE team is currently working hard on next TouchCORE, which will move TouchCORE to the newest CORE metamodel, where reuses are no longer associated with features, but with concerns. This will finally allow modellers to share reuses between several feature realization models within the same concern.

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