The current release of TouchCORE (v7.0.2) is available in two formats:

The new features are:

  • New navigation bar
  • Message View expansion

See the changelog for more full details.

If you are looking for older versions of TouchCORE, please consult the download archive.

System Requirements

To run TouchCORE you need to have a system capable of running Java 1.8, and a graphics card that supports OpenGL.


TouchCORE v7.0.2 Bug fix: Prevents a crash if the operation/signature of a self message is not set [#502] TouchCORE v7.0.1 New: A root goal within a view can be changed. [#492] New: Lifelines can now be moved vertically in Message Views. [#498] Bug fix: Fullscreen on macOS caused exception preventing actual fullscreen. [#494] TouchCORE v7.0.0 …


On this page you will find all previous public¬†TouchCORE releases. For the most recent release, please visit the downloads page. Newer Releases (Java 1.8 or higher) TouchCORE v6.5 Beta, released February 2017¬†(for the Mac, for any platform) TouchCORE v6.4 Beavertail, released January 2017 (for the Mac, for any platform) TouchCORE v6.1 Beavertail, released October 2015 …