The current release of TouchCORE (v6.4.0) is available in two formats:

The new features are:

  • New alignment guides and auto layout support for structural views (class diagrams)
  • Tap-and-hold on an interaction constraint (of an interaction operand) in message views (sequence diagrams) allows to define a temporary variable, which can be used within the operand [#269].
  • Temporary variables (e.g., used in Assignment Statements) can now also have a class as a type [#402]

See the changelog for more details.

There is also a beta release of TouchCORE (v6.5.beta) with initial support for message moving in sequence diagrams:

If you are looking for older versions of TouchCORE, please consult the download archive.

System Requirements

To run TouchCORE you need to have a system capable of running Java 1.8, and a graphics card that supports OpenGL.


TouchCORE v6.5.0 Beta New (Beta): Messages and Fragments can now be moved up or down by tapping-and-holding on them. Currently limited to move one position up or down. [#165] Bug fix: Tap-and-hold and double-click on interaction constraint while editing does not cause a crash anymore [#406] Bug fix: Trying to create another new message while …

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On this page you will find all previous public¬†TouchCORE releases. For the most recent release, please visit the downloads page. Newer Releases (Java 1.7 or higher) TouchCORE v6.1 Beavertail, released October 2015 (for the Mac, for any platform) Older Releases (Java 1.6 or lower) TouchCORE v5.0.1 Bellissimo, released March 2015 (for the Mac, for any …

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