TouchCORE v7.0.2

  • Bug fix: Prevents a crash if the operation/signature of a self message is not set [#502]

TouchCORE v7.0.1

  • New: A root goal within a view can be changed. [#492]
  • New: Lifelines can now be moved vertically in Message Views. [#498]
  • Bug fix: Fullscreen on macOS caused exception preventing actual fullscreen. [#494]

TouchCORE v7.0.0

Major Changes

  • New: All new navigation bar to navigate through a concern, its features, realization models and their views [#383]
  • New: Message calls can now be expanded within Message Views. This allows to view the called behaviour right were calling it. Also, any actual parameters that are passed in are shown directly within the expanded behaviour. [#482]
  • New: Added support for datatypes. A datatype may only have attributes (of type primitive type, enum or datatype). [#485]

Structural View

  • New: byte primitive type added, older models will automatically get this new type [#443 and #484]
  • New: Relationship creation is unified. Draw a line from next to a class on top of another class to create either an association or inheritance relationship. Selection of classes is now only used to move them together. [#381]
  • Bug fix: Non-static getters/setters were generated for static properties [#415]
  • Bug fix: Feature selection for a bi-directional association end was not kept when changing the opposite end. [#472]
  • Bug fix: Bi-directional reflexive association caused orphaned operations, not allowing to save. [#491]

Message Views

  • New: Aspect Message Views can now be deleted [#474]
  • New: Combined Fragments can now be deleted and their contents can be kept. This will move the contents to the position of the combined fragment. [#470]
  • New: Super methods and constructors can now be called [#430]
  • New: Changing a return type to void informs the user about any still used return values. The user can use a quickfix in the validation to remove them. [#409]
  • New: Support for literals of all primitive types [#483]
  • Bug fix: Deleting an operation would not delete an associated Aspect Message View [#357]
  • Bug fix: Create messages can now have replies [#479]
  • Bug fix: Empty lifelines used in combined fragments were not always removed [#304]
  • Bug fix: Deleting of messages was not working in all cases [#194 and #438]
  • Bug fix: A static property for a metaclass lifeline was not removed [#444]
  • Bug fix: Deleting combined fragment with unused lifelines could cause crash [#486]
  • Bug fix: Deleting an empty operand caused crash [#487]
  • Bug fix: Deleting nested combined fragment could cause crash [#488]

Code Generator

  • Bug fix: Null value was not generated [#414]
  • Bug fix: Variables are now only defined when first used [#478]

TouchCORE v6.5.0 Beta 2

  • Bug fix: Not all duplicate instantiations were merged during weaving [#433]
  • Bug fix: Changing a bi-directional association end would result in losing the user’s selection [#472]
  • Bug fix: Changing a bi-directional association can result in a crash [#473]

TouchCORE v6.5.0 Beta 1

  • New (Beta): Messages and Fragments can now be moved up or down by tapping-and-holding on them. Currently limited to move one position up or down. [#165]
  • Bug fix: Tap-and-hold and double-click on interaction constraint while editing does not cause a crash anymore [#406]
  • Bug fix: Trying to create another new message while an existing selector is open does not cause a crash anymore. Message creating is disabled until a selection has been made. [#361]
  • Bug fix: Feature selection for bidirectional associations is not lost anymore on the opposite side [#472 and #473]
  • Models: Use of associations does not result in duplicate operations anymore

TouchCORE v6.4.1

  • Bug fix: Code Generator does not fail to generate code anymore.
  • Bug fix: Code Generator sometimes did not import all required classes.
  • Bug fix: The long standing issue of associations sometimes being drawn incorrectly is finally fixed [#36]

TouchCORE v6.4.0

  • New: New alignment guides and auto layout support for structural views (class diagrams)
  • New: Tap-and-hold on an interaction constraint (of an interaction operand) in message views (sequence diagrams) allows to define a temporary variable, which can be used within the operand [#269].
  • Enhancement: Temporary variables (e.g., used in Assignment Statements) can now also have a class as a type [#402]

TouchCORE v6.3.0

  • New: Ecore Generator to generate .ecore models from a structural view (class diagram) [#461]
  • Enhancement: References in a model to elements that are not contained anywhere will now be shown to the user before allowing to save. The user is shown which element references the uncontained object and where. [#463]
  • Bug fix: Special characters in features prevented goal model from being evaluated
  • Models
    • Command concern design improved (now Java code compiles)

TouchCORE v6.2.1

  • Bug fix: Operations were not hidden when undoing the feature selection for an association end [#440]
  • Bug fix: Operations were shown after selecting a key for a KeyIndexed association end. Also, operations are not recreated in that case but changed. [#400]
  • Bug fix: When changing the multiplicity from many back to 1, the previous feature selection was kept [#457]